New Publication! – “Hydrogel-Immobilized Supercharged Proteins”



Immobilizing enzymes on a solid support can help improve their stability, rendering them more suitable for industrial and medical applications. However, standard covalent attachment approaches can be costly, often require many steps, and commonly lead to unfavourable orientations of the enzymes on the solid media. In this work, recently published in Advanced Biosystems, we produced enzyme-hydrogel complexes using anionic hydrogels and an engineered cationic supercharged phosphotriesterase. We show this system is capable of detoxifying organophosphates and catalyzing enantioselective reactions, and is remarkably robust and long-lasting (even when exposed to organic solvents). Additionally, degraded enzyme can be easily stripped from the gel and replaced with fresh protein, resulting in a very flexible system that could be readily scaled up for use in industry, synthesis, and bioremediation. Congratulations to Eleanor and everyone involved with this project.

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